Time Gate
Power House Records presents Electit, Ectima, Lupin, Audio Control with their latest track titled Time Gate. Power House Records is electrified to present the debut album from French progressive psytrance Illuminati, Electit, titled \"Timegate\". Deep in the interdimensional sub conscious realms awaits a trigger that opens the legendary portal known as a Timegate. Eldritch flames suddenly ignite forming a circular halo as the holographic clock spins pointing the results of your voyage. One little twist on the knobs sends you careening through temporal corridors and depositing you directly into the heart of the most sought after epic parties that have yet to happen. Your pilot is the mysterious and creative sonic wizard behind numerous well established dance music projects also presenting exquisite remixtures of three other top producers the dynamic duo Zyce & Flegma\'s flagship collaboration Ectima, Spanish headliner Lupin, and Israeli mainfloor Audio Control. Electit is the solo Psy-Prog incarnation of Cedric Lamouche the busy dance music producer involved in a spectrum of projects including Sychovibes/Sychodelicious and a member of legendary psy band Terraformers and now the all new progressive psyde project, Warped Mouse with David Shanti. He has released EPs and singles on Ovinmoon Rec, Hadra and Power House Records. With additional releases with his other projects on the most prestigious labels in the international world of Trance including Utopia Rec, Ajna Beat, Geomagnetic.tv, Dropland Rec, Tip World, Goa Records, Digital Drugs this world class talent is constantly in the spotlight. Look for Cedric touring his projects across the globe and he is open for you to book him through his contacts on social sites