Power House Records presents California Sunshine, Har-El with their latest track titled Spike. Power House Records proudly presents Spike EP made by Legend California Sunshine! In 1995 DJ Miko and Harel Prusky created the groundbreaking band California Sunshine. The first track they created was the single \'The Summer of 89\', aka \'The Dolphin Track\', which was released on their first self-titled album and became a worldwide hit in underground trance parties, and was remixed by Paul Oakenfeld. The \'California Sunshine\' CD sold more than 50.000 albums worldwide, and over 100.000 copies in Israel. Even though the CD was released over 15 years ago, it\'s still being bought due to the special energy that still keeps it selling time and again, till to this very day. California Sunshine was very prolific, releasing the CDs \'Imperia\', \'Nasha\', \'Flying Eye Land\', and Wonderland\'.Tracks from all of California Sunshine CDs have come out in many compilations around the globe. The Wonderboy is Gai Edri born in 1980 in Petach-Tikva, Israel. He has been listening to Psy-Trance ever since it first appeared in the early nineties. He began producing Psy-Trance in 2002, putting the cart in front of commercialized formulas and focuses on hard psychedelic goa trance and he is one of the founders of the OiG crew. Enjoy 5 new smooth and unique tracks!