Sound of Glory
              Original Mix
Power House Records Music presents Sound Device with their latest track titled Sound of Glory Original Mix . Progressive Euphoria blooms again with this luscious selection of the world\'s leading goa psy dance floor alchemists. This compilation touches your soul and inspires you to fly. Making sure to lead you on a journey and play with your mind, you are treated to all new music and nearly every track is an exclusive unreleased gem. From beginning of CD1 till the final track on CD2 your pace is set by the spirit of the party. We jump right in to fun filled hands in the air joy with Side Winder. Next is the sweet and uplifting tunes from Solar Spectrum debuting a track from his soon to be released album on Ovnimoon Rec. Daniel Lesden returns from v.1 this time remixed by French trance DJ and legend Cristo Disto aka Polypheme. Then Tesseract founders Zyce and Flegma combine forces with their collaboration project Ectima remixed by another French wizard: Electit (aka Sychovibes, Terraformers, Warped Mouse and Sychodelicious). GEO (from Israel) came seemingly out of nowhere with his hit album \"Pro Reactor\" and now he returns with his signature sound. Random is one of the premiere psy/electronic wizards hailing from USA crafts a unique effective addition to this set. Another USA highlight, Subtap aka Frost Raven (aka K Theory) propels us with a wicked psychedelic progressive house pumper that leads us into the hot new act making big waves Enarxis. Sound Device from Mexico follows up with an anthemic pleaser that leads to the closer for disc1 with new comers Nard & Kano slowing it to a day time chugger. CD2 instantly trance ports you deep to the outer rim with Shake\'s new hit. Man Machine presents his own special remix of the transmutational winning collaboration with Ovnimoon. Meller and Elegy find a perfect balance with this remix. Ascent dreams us the perfect party while Monolock and Clean Noise seal the deal presenting a track from the new album and hand it off to Alchemix and Keemiyo to do the same with one of their lead charters. Avante Garde and Goosebumps take you back to the promised land when Lost Shaman projects you deep into space. Surprise you were just trancing out the whole time! Mario Tomich aka Zardobski delivers a clubby closer to an epic adventure you will never forget.