Simple Decisions
Power House Records presents Hypercube with their latest track titled Simple Decisions. Involved with timbres of psychedelic trance for 13 years, Fabio has been developing his work as a DJ and producer over the years, his learning was in the midst of the great age of techno and drum and bass in Brazil, where absorbed mixing techniques that dilute in your style today, incorporates in his dj sets a skill that gave the name of \"Radio Mix\" a faster passage between the music and sometimes at different points, emphasizing the hottest parts of the tracks thus employing a cold climate, tense and gloomy in their stories, always looking for congruence in the choice of repertoire ideal to cause absurd emotions on the dance floor! As a producer arrives at last after years of self-taught experience, in a mature sound, with personality, timbres and intelligent musical structure, his influences as a DJ infect your style to produce the so-called \"intelligent psytrance\" is a trance not only for the body but also for mind! His influences are the artists who most consider provided with intellectual capacity, Sub6, Psysex, Mr. What, Deedrah, Logic Bomb.