Original Mix
Power House Records Music presents Surreal Eternity with their latest track titled Reflections Original Mix . Power House Records is super excited to present a very talented project from Serbia \'Surreal Eternity\' and his new amazing single \'Reflections\'! Surreal Eternity is a Progressive Trance project from Novi Sad, Serbia, created by Aleksandar Nađ. The first idea of the project was born back in 2008 under the influence of a variety of different electronic music genres. At the beginning, it was mostly oriented towards the darker sound, but since the first day of its existence it heavily leaned towards the trance sound. Through the years the sound coming from the project changed a lot and it just couldn\'t find it\'s placed, but that roaming through the musical limbo gave Aleksandar a chance to perform on different events, attract people with very different musical tastes and gather as much experience as possible. Finally, in the early months of 2020, Surreal Eternity entered the world of Progressive Trance with track \'Reflections\', which reflects the past of the project, but opens new doors towards its future.

Reflections Original Mix