Pro Reactor
Power House Records presents Geo with their latest track titled Pro Reactor. Power House Records and Geomagnetic are pleased to announce the debut progressive trance album from one of Israel\'s most talented new stars, GEO. Pro Reactor takes you away from the boring and repetitious everyday life and immediately tranceports you far away to a high tech and seductively lit world consisting of fresh new sights and sounds. Imagine a lush and detailed electronic landscape soaked with subtle patterns that call to your very fibers to let loose and be free. Geo\'s style combines a harmonic and esoteric electroacoustical sensibility while enmeshing his creations with cutting edge techno trance hybrid mutations. His hooks will enthrall your sensorium with a barrage of finely tuned transitions formed from his outstanding creative talent. GEO (aka Gab-E-Motion, aka Gabi Peleg) was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 16.11.1987 and moved with his parents to Israel in 1994. Since a young age he listened to and was influenced by Electronic Dance Music. At 16 he was already performing DJ sets frequently in South Israel electronic dance clubs. After serving in the IDF for 3 years he decided to make his dream come true, and started making his own music. His first track was released in 2011 with Twisted Reaction. Since then he has collaborated with other top producers such as DJ Yahel and Limik.