The Essential Steps of Movie Reviews

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How to Write a Movie Review

Every movie review involves three elements: information, analysis, and conclusion. Movie reviews are one of the most popular and easy ways to get recommendations for a specific movie. The data provided in movie reviews captures the unique aspects of a movie while also helping the viewers, or even the critic, to form an opinion of the movie. However, because movie reviews are written and reviewed after viewing the movie, students often find it hard to come up with a perfect review.

The Steps to Take

To provide a complete movie review, we have three steps. We define them as follows:

  • Inspect the movie before you watch it
  • Come up with an opinion and provide it
  • After you have written your review, read the movie before you watch it


Before you see the movie, you must first go online movie reviews and search for reviews for the same movie. Find any negative reviews of the film you are about to see and check their context. Ensure that any negative information they have is presented in a more interesting way.

Review the Movie

Even though most people would describe the part of movie reviews as the last section, you should ensure that your review touches on it. This means that you should still keep an open mind. This does not mean that you will go back to your movie to review it. Instead, you will create a script that ties your report to the movie, which should include the director’s last name, date of the movie, the genre, and most important of all, the plot.

Create a Plot Summary

Finally, here, the reviewer summarizes the plot and character arcs in the movie, making sure to leave out the ending since you may have reviewed the movie long before. Here, you are summarizing each bit of information you collected while watching the movie. Moreover, a good plot summary helps to set the mood of the movie and give the audience an easy time. In case the movie is a comedy, then try and leave out the happy-go-lucky part of it.

Excellent Conclusion

The conclusion should not only summarize your review but also inform your readers of what you have seen and not to miss out. Therefore, after writing a review, you should make sure the help movie review essay that it is also entertaining for your readers.

Common Pitfalls for Movie Reviewers

Like any other form of writing, movie reviews should be simple. They should not exceed more than 2000 words. Also, they should not be more than 200 words each for a maximum of one page. They should also be followed by a bibliography with a list of all sources you relied on when writing your movie review.

You should also never discuss the subject of the movie review with anyone else. With the topic at hand, you are free to expound on your review.

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