Bringing visibility into the transmasculine experience

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Bringing visibility into the transmasculine experience

Trans guys are sexy, we should party to you, and you ought to start thinking about us as intercourse partners.

Which was the message of our presence campaign—that we began about a decade ago—to bring exposure to your transmasculine experience. It had been a wild trip, which isn’t over. All over the world, have iterated our campaign, shared our experience at an international HIV conference and launched a wildly successful play parties for trans people at the sex club Eros since launching the “Top 5 Reasons to Fuck a Trans Guy” and other campaign materials, we’ve gotten calls and emails from people.

Suffice it to say—we’ve come a way that is long ten years, but there’s still lots we must do in order to bring trans males front and center. Here’s just exactly what we’ve learned as we’ve morphed our presence campaign (message: “we’re here! ”) throughout the years into one that’s more dedicated to training and serving our trans community.

Top 5 reasons why you should bang a Trans man

The most notable 5 Reasons guide had been a complete large amount of enjoyable to help make. Niko created the content, Loren developed the imagery, and then we had a transmasculine designer that is graphic assisting in the task. A number of the dudes at Eros additionally contributed to the way for this guide along with other materials.

We (Niko) keep in mind planning to Folsom Street Fair and passing away materials in an audience of individuals with a number of volunteers. Individuals would make the cards, simply simply take four to five actions away and turn around then. Like, “where will be the trans males right here? ” That began the discussion, also it had been where we needed seriously to begin.

Some individuals actually enjoyed the information, and some social individuals felt it can be possibly problematic. We utilized a complete large amount of sexy images, plenty of sexy language. We caught people’s attention, however some individuals thought we may be fetishizing trans people. I do believe during the right some time for just what it had been for, it absolutely was essential. Subsequently, things are more educational, and never as risque when it comes to pictures and language.

Introduction to Trans Male Bodies

We’ve also produced materials and held occasions to teach people about trans male systems. A workshop was done by us at Eros which was, “Ask A Trans man Anything” and produced materials en en titled, “Introduction to Trans Male Bodies” and “Introduction to Cis Male Bodies. ” Trans individuals are pretty well-educated about their health, but individuals who partner with trans individuals often aren’t.

We possibly may have sexual intercourse with individuals who don’t know any thing regarding how we look after our anatomical bodies, particularly if we’re sex that is having homosexual cis males whom mostly have intercourse along with other homosexual cis men. They could never be considering if maternity is just a possibility—it’s simply not element of their health that is sexual training.

STIs may have an even more damaging effect on people assigned feminine at delivery. Often we (Niko) feel like i need to be actually diligent about my intimate wellness because we don’t know if each other understands such things as this. PrEP is amazing, however it’s made the discussion about condoms more complicated—especially if you’re worrying not merely about STIs but additionally about maternity. There’s a lot to unpack with regards to health that is sexual trans male bodies—and how we communicate about any of it with your intimate lovers.

We additionally created helpful tips to flagging (hanky rule) for trans males who possess sex with males, and tm4m hankies which are purple and plaid that is black. A couple of years later, we updated the hankie rule to be less male-centered, and added “galaxy” towards the list as a t4t banner. A year ago, we created and given out galaxy bandanas at Folsom Street Fair.

Trans Enjoy Parties & Safer Intercourse

Eros is just a sex that is trans-friendly mainly staffed by trans individuals. I (Loren) have always been an owner and Niko (whom works for SFCHC) in addition has worked at Eros. We (Niko) invested considerable time thinking on how we’re able to produce a secure, available and sex-positive play room for trans people, in addition to concept to host occasions at Eros ended up being a choice that is obvious.

SFCHC now hosts tm4m sex events (every and Free Play parties (quarterly) at Eros with support from San Francisco Department of Public Health month. The tm4m activities are especially for trans dudes into other dudes, even though the complimentary Enjoy events are ready to accept all trans and gender non-conforming people. When a 12 months, free play events are for queer and trans individuals of color only. One per year these are generally for trans and gender non-conforming individuals just. Twice a 12 months, complimentary enjoy is ready to accept cis people when they attend having a trans individuals.

Totally Free Play and tm4m events provide the trans community safe areas to connect, where our anatomies are celebrated.

It comes to sex as you can imagine, too often trans people end up in unsafe situations when. We find yourself behind shut doors, by having complete stranger that could cause us damage. At these events, users of our community have actually a secure, clean and space that is sexy individuals can explore just what feels good to them, with staff and community around become accountable just in case one thing takes place or goes wrong. We now have safe intercourse materials designed for individuals, so we just simply simply take safety and consent seriously.

You will find so spaces that are few trans individuals feel welcome and celebrated, however these play parties are exactly that. The complimentary Play events are made of frequently 95% trans individuals. If you have a space filled with cis people—and maybe merely a trans that are few vibe can feel creepy. You are feeling fetishized. To start to see the tables switched at complimentary Enjoy was therefore effective.

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