A 2013 page From Uber’s Travis Kalanick Lays Out Sex Rules for workers at Company Party

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A 2013 page From Uber’s Travis Kalanick Lays Out Sex Rules for workers at Company Party

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Following a study by a former U.S. Attorney general into accusations of rampant harassment that is sexual the ride-hailing business, Uber fired 20 workers for inappropriate behavior previously this week. Then, after Recode inquired about Eric Alexander, the company’s previous president of company when you look at the Asia Pacific, acquiring the medical documents of a lady who was raped by her driver in Asia, Uber fired him. Alexander apparently also shared those records with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Senior Vice President Emil Michael.

It really is clear that there surely is something wrong utilizing the multi-billion-dollar organization’s tradition.

Now, possibly as a consequence of those firings, Uber is experiencing leakages. One document this is certainly now seeing the light of time is really a 2013 page from Kalanick to workers, by which he talks about “rules” for a celebration the business held in Miami. The contents and language for the page are that which you’d expect through the president of a university frat — maybe not the top of the business that is global. With it, Kalanick sets rules for puking, throwing kegs away from structures, doing medications and sex that is even having co-workers.

You need to wonder why it took until these firings that are recent something such as this to get general public. It is also difficult to genuinely believe that the business’s investors just weren’t privy to this page, or other people if they were, that they still gave the company money like it, and. If this is actually the to begin numerous leakages, will this end up being the worst of those?

Here is the email that is full Kalanick, originally acquired by Recode:

From: Travis Kalanick

Date: Friday, October 25, 2013


Hey dudes, i needed to obtain some information that is important here. I have come up with a Q&A we may use whenever other people ask everything we’re doing right right here, and also have some 2 and DON’Ts for the time right right here in Miami.

You better check this out or we’ll kick your ass.

Q&A – If i have missed such a thing, or perhaps you simply have question that is random please respond to all with this thread!

Q: What is Uber doing right here?

A: Uber has rolled away to its 50th city that is global. We’re celebrating the corporation milestone as well as others and also have arranged a grassroots that are local to aid bring Uber to Miami. #MiamiNeedsUber

Q: What does the Chinese expression? Are a symbol of?

A:? Translates towards the quantity 9. It is an expression which has internal meaning at Uber it is one thing we usually do not talk about externally.

Q: Is it an online bubble boondoggle?

A: It is a party of the major milestone for the business, along with the opportunity for people to put on a company-wide retreat and arrange our efforts globally. Oahu is the onetime that everybody into the business can fulfill in person most of the individuals we use each day.

We have gotten a listing of issues through the appropriate division. I’ve translated these issues as a clear collection of typical feeling tips. I have additionally added several components of my very own.

1) No life has to start or end at?

2) We lack a spending plan to bail anybody out of prison. Avoid being that man. #CLM

3) usually do not put kegs that are large of high structures. Please keep in touch with Ryan McKillen and Amos Barreto for certain insights with this subject.

4) would not have intercourse with another employee UNLESS a) that person has been asked by you for that privilege and they’ve got responded having an emphatic “YES! I am going to have intercourse with you” AND b) the 2 (or maybe more) of you may not work with the exact same string of demand. Yes, which means that Travis is supposed to be celibate on this journey. #CEOLife #FML

5) Drugs and narcotics will never be tolerated unless you have actually the correct medicinal certification.

6) you will have a $200 puke cost for almost any general public shows on the Shore Club premises. Shore Club would be needed to deliver photos as evidence.

7) CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH PRESS. Forward all press inquiries to Andrew – anoyes@uber.com Furthermore, remain vigilant about making people that are suren’t infiltrate our occasion. If when you find yourself conversing with a non-Uber (search for the wristband), keep confidential material private. No rev numbers, motorist numbers, journey numbers. Do not talk about interior procedure, plus don’t explore initiatives which have maybe perhaps not already launched.

1) have actually a fantastic fucking time. This might be a party! We’ve all made it.

2) Share good music. Digital DJs ought to share their beats poolside.

3) walk out the right path to generally meet as much of one’s other uberettos as you’re able to.

4) it out yet, Miami’s transportation sucks ass if you haven’t figured. #Slang as numerous Miamians, motorists, influencers since you’re able to and let them know why Uber will make this great city an even better place as you can as passionately. Every slang issues. #MiamiNeedsUber…

5) If some body asks to generally meet the CEO and Founder of Uber, kindly introduce him to Max Crowley.

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